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A place to collect random screencaps and favorite moments from the entirety of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Feel free to share the FMA joy by using these for whatever! The tags can help you more easily navigate the many pictures here, too.

f-allenrose asked: hey, in what order do you recommend watching fma? do you think i should watch the original 2003 first, and then the brotherhood one, visa versa, or some other way? i've seen so many mixed thoughts and have become rather confused o.o thanks :D


hi, thanks for the really important and great question. i recommend watching brotherhood first, and then brotherhood again in order of the odd-numbered episodes, then after that watch the even-numbered episodes, and then watch brotherhood again in full, followed by another viewing rewatch of the series in order of how you rank riza’s badassery per brotherhood episode (this will involve a lot of personal introspection but it is very fulfilling, trust me)

i don’t care about the 2003 anime 

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